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Welcome to Fire Ladders

FIRE LADDERS are a Yorkshire based company working very closely with our manufacturing and supply partners to provide a wide range of quality; Rescue and Fire Equipment, Ladders, Platforms, Towers, Vehicles, PPE, Uniform and Clothing. 


We also offer several other services which can be tailored to suit individual client requirements, ensuring clients achieve maximum use and protection from our products:-
Testing, Maintenance, Training, Service, &  Payment options
Please see details within the “Support section”.


Ladders and Height Safety range:

 Our ladders etc are manufactured in Austria by our European partners JUST Leitern AG, having over 130 years experience manufacturing ladders and height working equipment.

JUST Leitern are the largest supplier and manufacturer of: EN1147 Fire Service Ladders in Europe, and our range of "BSEN-1147 ladders is being recognised as the future for Fire Service  Ladders.

However we have moved on quite a lot from our original 1885 roots:-

We offer a full range of Fire Service ladders and platforms that are compatible with all user requirements, stowage and procedures, constructed to:-
BS EN-1147-2010 standards.



We can quote for any type of ladder Maintenance, Testing, Inspection, both at clients own premises or in our company. Also offering various training courses in the various uses of different types and applications of ladder uses.

MSA, BA & safety Equipment: New M1-SCBA

We are proud to announce the launch of the new: MSA M1-SCBA set which has been designed in partnership with many Fire Brigades to ensure it is the very best available now and for many years to come.

The set is completly modular; allowing for ongoing updates and improvements throught the life of the set,  which is almost unlimited due to the design and features. The warrenty alone is for a 10 year period.

We can offer our clients a Full care package regardles on the numbers in use all undertaken on site, which reduces any down time or need for additional units.

For full details see the Equipment / BA section.

Fire and Rescue Equipment
A Vast range of quality Fire, Rescue and Safety equipment is available from many approved manufacturers, and from our German partner DONGES. We can ensure operators have access to the best quality equipment available.

Appliances, Specialist Vehicles and Trailers:

We work with our clients to design and build specialist bespoke vehicles and trailers to their own requirements, also being able to supply; New and Used appliances if required.

Uniform, Work-ware and Apparel:

Pilot Shirts:- Navy, Black , White. Now available

Our range of Uniform and Clothing is selected from well known manufacturers and suppliers to ensure clients receive familiar quality items,we also provide:-
Embroidery, Alterations & Machine room for new items.

PPE, Hi-Vis and Safety wear.

All our PPE range conforms to the highest & latest BS standards to ensure the wearers safety is in not compromised.

Our wide selection of choice within our Apparel ranges; combined with quality embroidery and art work, a reliable service, and having "no minimum order numbers" makes us an ideal choice for Airports and Industrial users.

   Fire Fighting & Rescue Equipment

We can supply a wide range of : Branches, Monitors, Foam Equipment and Foam Compounds. and many other items.


In Partnership With:

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 Ladders and Height Safety Equipment

Fire and Rescue Equipment.


Vehicles and specialist builds 




protect-r.jpgPPE & Safety clothing 



Beam Gantries, Easy to use.


Port west range of products




F1XF Helmet Hot Fire Heat Cover


View our laddersmsaba2-r3.jpgMSA:- M1 SCBA set

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