Water Rescue.

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Water Rescues and Safety Equipment.


The items of equipment we offer fully support any water rescue situation, or when working in or around the water.

Only a small sample of what we can offer is shown.



There is a very wide selection of equipment required for personnel entering the water either in boats or in suits, also for the personnel working on the bank assisting in rescues or working as a crew.  


Water safety PPE & Equipment.

rescuepfd1-r.jpg helmetpredator1-r.jpg watergloves1-r.jpg
PFD's. Helmet's. Gloves.
throwline1-r.jpg vest1-r.jpg lifejacket1-r.jpg
Throw line's Buoyancy vest Life Jackets.
Rescue pole: 4.25, Extendable, Floating, Insulated.


Contact us about any of the above or any other items you are looking for.

Water Rescue and Safety Equipment.

All items are approved for their specific use.

Rescue and Safety equipment.

Dive Suit's

Dry Suit's

Under Suit's