Towers & Scaffold.

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Scaffolding & Towers.

These items are manufactured in Aluminium and available as separate items or as full systems.


Scaffold towers are supplied in three main formats: Narrow, Wide, Extra wide.

towernarrow1-r.jpg towerwide-r.jpg towermaintenance1-r.jpg
Narrow style. Wide style. Extra wide style.

All parts are available separately to enable the user to have exactly what they require.


Adjustable tower for use on Rail lines.

Hoby-Mat, small mobile tower. 

  • ·         Length: 1,60 m
  • ·         Width: 0,65 m
  • ·         Overall height: 1,70 m
  • ·         Working height: 3,00 m
  • ·         Max load: 150 kg
  • ·         Weight: approx. 20 kg.   


All ranges are manufactured to the required EN Standards, by our Austrian Partners.



Height safety equipment.


Towers and Scaffolding to any design.


Hoby-Mat Mobile tower.