Sliding Beam Gantry

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Ladder Beam Gantry 

Our design of Sliding Beam Gantry; is proveing to be a great success, due to its strength, ease of use and reliability.

Using the very latest designs and technology, we have created a system that is far superior to existing sliding systems.

Our target was to design and produce a product that can; out perform and out last existing equipment, and we have succeeded.

Our beam operates on a system of rollers which allow for easy movement in all directions and regardless of load.

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Very easy user friendy system. Well balanced with "NO EFFORT" required.

As the system operats on rollers; the beam can be rolled "In & Out" with very little effort, the balance and brake ensure a safe working possition.

One of the main advantages of our beams (like or Ladders); we use the same parts when ever possible reducing the amount of spare parts.
We use only one "Very Strong Profile" for the beam which varies in length only to fit a variety of ladder lengths.

Due to the ease of use and strength the beam is ideal for heavier items like Boats etc.


 Double Extension. (GT-100)

The Beam, can be adjusted to fit any length of Double or Triple ladder without Jackbeam.

  • GT-110. BS-EN-1147 Ladders.
  • GT-130. EN-1147 & ONORM Ladders

Roof & Short extension. (GT300)

Normaly supplied to fit several widths by adjusting the spacers.
Alternatively it can be supplied as an exact fit for your sized ladders, GT-300. Various options.

Jack beam ladders. (GT-200)

Mainly the triple type but can also fit doubles with jack beams.
And again adjustable for any length ladder. 

  • GT-210. BS-EN-1147 Ladders.
  • GT-230. EN-1147 & ONORM Ladders.
  • Special Builds

    We can make special formats of single or double beams to take large heavy loads.


    Sliding Beam Gantry