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Personnel Protective Equipment & Clothing

  • Fire kit. Conforming to EN-469, manufactured in - NOMEX, Kermel, PBI & PBO. 
  • Specialist Fire Kit. Manufactured in: -  NOMEX, Kermel, PBI & FR materials.
    • Woodland fire fighting coverall.
    • Fire Investigation suit.
    • Extrication coverall.
    • Aluminized, Extreme heat suit + boots & gloves.
  • Cool vest: Isotherm.
  • Helmets: Firefighting, Rescue & Specialist.
  • Flash hoods: Conforming to EN13911.
  • Gloves: Firefighting, Rescue, Extrication & Specialist.
  • Boots: Firefighting, Rope & Water Rescue, General Safety.
  • Care: Various part and total care packages are available, also a fully managed service which would be tailored to the individual users requirements covering part or the complete ensemble.

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