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Platforms Towers & Structures.

We have several types of Platforms for Emergency rescue work and none rescue.


  • Rescue Platforms:Several types and heights of working platform, for Rescue and Industrial use.

  • Scaffold Towers; Of varying sizes and load capacities.

  • Alloy Structures and frames:We can design and build bespoke; Towers, Support frames and Structures.

HGV Folding Rescuer Platform.


Folding platform

Adjustable height




Max Height

Max Loading

Folding Rescue Platform

1.8 m

0.8 m



500 kg

Trucksaver Working Platform (requires 4 stick ladders)

1.8 m

0.8 m



300 kg

Additional Platform fittings
Rail wheel Axle Complete single axle with wheels & brakes.
Road Wheel axle Complete single axle with wheels & brakes.
Foot Pads Soft Ground pads, speading load on floor.

1p4080004-r.jpg rescueplatform11-r.jpg  RESCUE PLATFORM

Scaffold Tower

The scaffold towers are available in a wide variety of sizes: Various, Widths and Lengths, with Heights from 4m to 17m. And can be manufactured to specific design requirements.

Alloy Structures and Frames.

We can design, manufacture and assemble on site any type of bespoke structure, for example: Access, Walkways, Safety Frames and Bespoke internal structures. Our designers specialise in solving difficult construction projects.

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