Branches Nozzles, Controlers & Monitors.

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Fire Fighting Equipment


A full range of Branches, Nozzles Controlers and monitors are available all manufactured to a very high standard with the best materials being used in their construction, to ensure they provide years of trouble free use.

Any type of hose connection can be fitted in place of the shown "Instantaneous Couplings".

The range available is vast please contact us to ensure you have the correct details and specifications.


Note: We are updateing all the Nozzles and branches please contact us for full details. 

Nozzles Tips:-

All our Nozzles are available with the following options:-

  • Turbo: with spinning Teeth.
  • Debi: with teeth cut into the aluminiium alloy.
  • Magi: with teeth cut into the rubber buffer guard.

There are several types of branches, subject to the type of use and conditions they are to be used in:-

  • Selecta flow: Allows for controlled adjustment of water flow through the branch. 
  • Automatic: The branch automatically adjust to the pressure and flow of water.
  • Constant flow: The branch is set to a desired flow setting.
  • Dual Pressure: Allows for the same Flow at different pressurs.

Selecta Flow Branches.

This type of branch allows for the user to adjust the nozzle "increasing or reducing" the amount of water flowing through the branch

Fire fighting Branches & Nozzles.


 Venom Turbo Branches:-

  • Easy to use open/close lever.

  • Adjustable flow rate, with positive locking action.

  • Adjustable spary pattern, with positive locking action ( Jet, Spray, Flush )

  • Pattern identifaction symbols on rubber buffer guard


Venom  Turbo 235.

Available as High Pressure Hose reel or low flow rate with normal fitting.


Venom Turbo 475

Available with any inlet coupling


Venom Turbo 750

Available with any inlet coupling


Venom Turbo 950

Available with any inlet coupling


TIPSA Branches.

Branch Flow rate Normal working pressure Couling
Lite Various: 20 -150 lpm 3 - 6 Bar. Any
Kador 150 Various: 20 - 150 lpm 3 - 6 Bar. Any
Kador 130 Various: 20 - 130 lpm 3 - 6 Bar. Any
Kador 400 Various: 60 - 400 lpm 3 - 6 Bar. Any
Kador 500 ECO Various: 60 -240 & 150 - 500. 3 - 6 Bar Any
Kador 500 Various: 60 -240 & 150 - 500. 3 - 6 Bar Any
Kador 750 Various: 250 - 750 lpm 3 - 6 Bar Any
Kador 1000. Various: 300 - 1000 lpm 6 Bar Any
Aquastar  HP

Hose reel branch, High pressure 50-180lpm

22 Bar


Delta, Selecta flow Branches

Branch Flow settings Normal working pressure. Coupling
Attack 100 75-100-125 L/trs per min From: 3.5 to 8 bar. Any
Attack 500 125-250-350-500 L/trs per min From: 3.5 to 8 bar. Any
Attack 750 285-450-600-700 L/trs per min From: 3.5 to 8 bar. Any


The Automatic range of branches automatically adjust to the Flow and Pressure of water.

Automatic Branches

Branch Flow rate Special teatures
Legend 400 400l lpm  
Legend 500 500 lpm  
Legend 400 400 lpm For electric fires.
Legend 500 Multi stream 500 lpm Simultanious various stream paterns.
Legend 750 Multi stream 750 lpm Simultanious various stream paterns.
Tornadomatic 150 150 lpm  
Tornadomatic 500 500 lpm  
Tornadomatic 750 750 lpm  
Tornadomatic 1000 1000 lpm  



Delta Automatic Branches

Branch Flow settings Coupling
H-500-19 19mm Hose. Hose reel.
H-500-25 25mm Hose Hose reel
H-500-65 Lay flat hose Any
DM-600 Lay Flat hose Any

 Constant Flow.

This type of branch allows for the user to "Pre select" the nozzle which is then set in the factory allowing for the set amount of water flow through the branch, available in a variety of sizes and all with spinning stainless steel teeth to create a better water stream and pattern.

 Constant / Fixed flow Branches

Branch Flow rate  
Pokador 150 Eco 150 lpm  
Pokador 500 500 lpm  
Pokador 750 750 lpm  
Pokador 1000 1000 lpm  
Branch Flow settings Normal working pressure. Coupling
Attack 100C Either: 75-100-125
L/trs per min
From: 3.5 to 8 bar. Any
Attack 500C Either: 125-250-350-500 L/trs per min From: 3.5 to 8 bar. Any
Attack 750C Either: 285-450-600-700 L/trs per min From: 3.5 to 8 bar. Any
Delta & Tipsa: Marine type Branches
Branch Flow rate Features
Pokabronze 500: (4 Fixed flow options). 250 / 400 / 500 / 1000 lpm. All bronze
Turbokabronze 500: (2 x Selectable flow rates). 130-400.  &  250- 550 lpm. All bronze
Turbokador 500; Selecta flow, Electrical fires. 200 - 500 lpm Stainless/S and Bronze
Turbokador 500: Selecta flow. 150 - 500 lpm Stainless Steel

Basic style low cost: Nozzles a full range available.

All with : On/Off, Sprey, Jet . Aldso availabe for MARINE use in Gun Metal and Brass.


Allof these basic branches are suitable for Marine use.
attacklance2-r.jpg Wide angle attack lance.

Water Back Pack


The donges water Backpack can hold; 19 ltrs of Water or water addative mixture.
It is very simple to use and clean following use; the highly padded straps and suports ensure a perfect fit, which makes for a comfortable wear.

The wide opening allows for the unit to be refilled easily whilst still being worn, without the wearer being soaked, the padded straps have additional loops and atachment points for other items to be fixed.

The external fitted zip pocket allows for the user to carry loose items plus a bottle of drinking water, and the external straps allow for larger items to be atached.

Collecting & Dividing.

Collecting and dividers are available in a variety of types and sizes from; use in the hose line to attachment onto the pump inlet.


  • Standard: With normal couplings but no control facility, constant flow.
  • Controlled: With the facility to turn off individual hose lines.
They are available in several construction materials to allow for different environments and types of water, as not all are suitable for each. brassdivider-r.jpg divider2-r.jpg

For full details of sizes and types contact us for the range details.

PUMP Eye collecting head.



Monitors again come in several different types and sizes:

Types: Fixed, Portable, Remote control.
Sizes:In Litres per minute  from 1,900 L/per min to 10,000 L/per min.

Due to the many size differences and methods of use and fitting, please contact us for full details.


Water Wall/Curtain

This sinple fitting creats a wall of water approx 30 to 50 accross , several can be used side by side to make a full wall of water seperation  area.


Available in :- 200LPM or 400LPM.

Control Valve

Hose line control valave, can be placed at any possition in the system and allows for the line to be isolated  easily.


All our equipment is supplied from approved quality manufacturers.



Fire fighting equipment specialists.


 Constant flow Branch.


Stainless Steel spinning teeth.

Water Backpack, (see Water Delivery).


Controlled Divider.


All types of couplings fitted