Lifting and Load Restraint equipment

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Lifting and Load Restraint Equipment.

All items are manufactured to the appropriate standard for use in safe lifting techniques, and colour coded and certificated for the intended  imposed load.

Block & Tackles. Adjustable Beam Clamps Beam Trolleys.
blocktackle-r1.jpg adjustablebeamclamp-r1.jpg beamtrollies-r1.jpg
  Lifting Jacks  Chains & Wire Ropes.  Chain & Cable fittings
 farmjacks1-r.jpg  chain-r1.jpg  chainhooks-r1.jpg
 Ratchet Straps  Lifting Slings  Webbing Slings



 Pulley blocks  Shackles Winches
 groundanchor1-r.jpg edgerider1-r.jpg   
Ground Anchor kit.  Edge rider, (protector)   
 pulleyblocks-r.jpg  shackles-r.jpg  tirfor-r.jpg

 A full and large variety of lifting equipment is available, please contact us with your requirements.