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We supply a full range of Fire Service Ladders, and EN-131 Ladders and Height equipment constructed to a variety of approved European standards.

  The highest standard of ladder construction is:-
BSEN-1147-2010 Ladders for Fire Service use built to the British standard.

We offer a full range of Fire Service ladders and platforms that are compatible with all user requirements, procedures & stowage, constructed to BS EN-1147-2010 standards. 

This range of ladders are manufactured using the latest designs and materials, using our Automated welding machinery. And when compared to existing Fire Brigade ladders; has created a ladder range that has the following features and advantages.


H&S require that all items relating to working at height equipment are, inspected and tested periodically. We are the "ONLY " company in the UK that can offer this full service accross all ladder standards and all done on site if required.

We can quote for any type of ladder Inspection, Maintenance & Testing,  both at clients own premises or in our company.

Also offering various training courses in the various uses and maintenance of different types and applications of ladders.

Features of our: BSEN-1147-2010 Fire Service Ladders.


 Expectancy: 25 Year Minimum, can be extended indefinitely.


 10 Year.


 Comparable with all existing stowage arrangements.


 No changes to normal operational drills.


 Safe firm ladder, creates a safer working area.


 Lighter than all other equivelent sized types.


 Very high strength to weight ratio.


 The Easiest and simplest to work on.

Spare Parts:

Readily available, and well priced creating the "Best Value"


Lowest initial cost, making the very best "Whole life cost".

See following pages for details and sizes of individual ladder types.Ladders and Height Safety range:

Lifting A Frame

We have designed an attachemnet that fits onto existing short extension ladders converting them into a Lifting A frame capable of lifting 300KG at various heights.


NOTE the only approved manufacturing standards for any type and size of portable ladder are:-

  • BSEN-1147-2010: Fire service standard ladders.

  • EN-131: "ALL" other types, Class 1,  2 and 3.

Ref  Construction Standards
BSEN-1147-2010 British/UK Fire Service Ladders
EN-1147 European Fire Service ladders.
ONORM F4047 Fire Service Ladders.
EN131: Class 1 Heavy Industrial.
EN131: Class 2 Light Industrial/Trade.
ONORM Various European Industrial standards.
EN ISO 14122 Vertical Ladders.
EN14396 Shaft Ladders.
DIN14830 Platforms.
ONORM B 4007 Scaffolds & Towers.



Our Automated welding plant, for ladder assembly.

The sections are assembled on the plant and auto checked for size and accuracy.

The rungs: are fitted through the stile sections and touching the outer edge, therfore the weight is resting on the section.

When all is OK, all sections are Auto welded.

Other attachments and fittings are then secured onto the ladder before quality testing.

This creates a very strong ladder and reduces assembly costs. 


The roller channel is part of the stile section, which also strengthens the ladder.

All fittings and bolts are of Stainless Steel, to ensure the complete ladder will stand the test of time. 

  Service & Inspection Options.

We offer several Care and Maintenance packages:

  • Total Care:- Quarterly inspections, Annual test and maintenance cover.
  • Part Care:- Annual test and maintenance cover.
  • Maintenance Only:- Maintenance cover when required.

Full details of any Care and Maintenance package can be found in the Support Section, or contact us for  additional information and pricing. 


We can quote for any type of ladder maintenance, testing, inspection on clients own premises.
Also offering various training courses in the various uses of different types and applications of ladder uses.

Training Options.

We offer training for the following:-

  • Operational Use (Fire Brigade Ladders).
  • Operational Use (Normal ladders).
  • Maintenance & Servicing.
  • Inspection & Testing.


Contact us for full details on all our range or services.