Water Delivery & Hose.

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Water Delivery and Hose's


Water collection and delivery for fire fighting and other applications.


Fire hose is divided into two main groups:

  • Delivery hose: Lay flat & Hose reel.
  • Suction hose: Reinforced hard hose.

Both types are available in a variety of Diameters, Lengths and End fittings.

Hose reels

Are usually either 19 or 25mm, and can be on Fixed internal installations or Fire Appliances. The couplings and nozzles can be specified as required.


Lay Flat Delivery hose.

This is available in a variety of; Lengths, Widths, Colours and Couplings. The most common are below:-

Width Length Colour Fitting
45mm 5 to 30 mtr Most Various
50mm 5 to 30 mtr Most Various
64mm 5 to 30 mtr Most Various
70mm 5 to 30 mtr Most Various
100mm 5 to 30 mtr Most Various
150mm 5 to 30 mtr Most Various


Water Backpack. 

The donges water Backpack can hold; 19 ltrs of Water or water addative mixture.
It is very simple to use and clean following use, the highly padded straps and suports ensure a perfect fit wish makes for a comfortable wear.

The wide opening allows for the unit to be refilled whilst still being worn, without the wearer being soaked, the straps have additional loops and atachment points for other items to be fixed.

The external fitted zip pocket allows for the user to carry loose items plus a bottle of drinking water.

Hose repair.

Several types of "Hose repair" systems are available, however the STENA has proven to be the best.
Contact us for full details and spare parts.


Hard Suction Hose.

Available in a variety of; Lengths, Widths, Colours and Couplings. The most common are below:-

Width Length Colour Fitting
50mm 1.5 to 8 mtr -- Various
75mm 2 to 6 mtr -- Various
100mm 2.4 mtr Black/Grey Various
150mm 2.4 mtr Black/Grey Various


Standpipe, Key & Bar.


Standpipe's are supplied as either Single or Double, and require a Key & Bar to open the Hydrant to use them.

The screw thread and top couplings can be changed as required.



The most common type supplied is the Short underground type, others are available,


For full details us sizes and specifications contact us.

Hose Ramps.

We have various types and sizes, also the very versatile "Folding Hose ramps.

hoseramp11-r.jpg hoserampfolding-r.jpg
Flat or Folding hose ramps in a variety of sizes.

 Please contact us about any of the above or any other items you are looking for.

All items are manufactured to the required standard, by approved suppliers.


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Underground Hydrant.



Suction Hoses.

Delivery Hose.

Easy carry folding ramps.

Easy stow folding ramps.