Hi-Vis Clothing.

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Hi-Vis Clothing.


There is a vast amount of Hi-Vis Clothing  available in a variety of Fabrics & Reflective colours, below is a small selection of our available ranges.



Jackets. Long (Parker), Short (Bomber).
Trousers. Normal, Combat, Shorts, Bib & Brace.
Coveralls. Normal or Lined/Winter use.
FR. Fire Retardant items.
Casual. Fleece, Polo's, T-shirts, Sweat shirts.



Basic, Low cost options.
s460hvcoat2-r.jpg s464hv2tbomber-r.jpg s376vest2t-r.jpg
Long jacket with hood.
Yellow or Orange.or Two tone colours.
Long Jacket with hood.
Yellow or Orange; Two colour
Vests: Long or short sleeved, One colour
Yellow / Orange.  Or Two tone  
basictrs-r.jpg vestbasic1-r.jpg tabard1-r.jpg
Trousers, Unlined
Yellow or Orange.
Vest, Velcro fastener
Any colour.
Most colours
Mid Range
t4002-r1.jpg praybountrs1-r.jpg  praybon2red-r.jpg

T400 Port West

High vis Jacket. in Yellow & Orange.

P-206 Pulsar waterproof trousers.
P-346 Pulsar Combat trousers.
Yellow & Orange

Pulsar Traffic management coats.
P-488: Storm coat, Linned.
P-489: Bomber jacket.
P-413: Vest (long sleeved).
 pw2coljacket-r1.jpg  pwshorts1-r1.jpg  pwexcvest1-r1.jpg

TX-50, Jacket.
TX-51, Trousers, (matching).
TX-52, Bib & Brace (matching).
TX-55, Coverall (matching).
Yellow or Orange.

 EO-43 Shorts.
Yellow or Orange

Executive Vests. 
S-475, Long Sleeved.
S-476, Vest.
S-376 Two colour vest.

pwboilersui-r1.jpg pwtrousers1-r1.jpg pwfrlsvest-r1.jpg
EO-42, Poly Cotton, Coverall
Yellow or Orange.
EO-41 Trousers.
EO-46 Combat trousers.
EO-61 Action trousers.
Yellow or Orange
FR73, Fire/Ret long/S Vest.
FR70, Fire/Ret, Vest
High Range
tranemo1-r.jpg    t4002-r.jpg 

4181, Winter T-Tex Coat.
Yellow or Orange,
with coloured patches.

 T400, Executive Jacket.

Yellow or Orange

 frlr37-r.jpg    frlr3567-r.jpg
 FR-LR37, Fire retardant jacket.    FR-LR3567, Fire retardant Bomber.
1p5060001-r.jpg 1p5060002-r.jpg
Casual wear. (Yellow or Orange).
hvsweat1-r.jpg hvlspolo-r1.jpg hvpolo-r.jpg
Sweat Shirt. Long Sleeved polo's. Polo's
hvtshirt-r.jpg hvcap1-r1.jpg  hvfleece-r.jpg
T-Shirts. Caps  Fleeces

All items are from approved suppliers and meet all the required standards.