Folding Rescue Platfom.

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 HGV Folding Rescue Platform

For emergency service use.

 The Folding Rescue Platform has several special design features; allowing for ease of use and for it to form a very strong and safe working platform; from 0.8mtr to 1.75mtr high.

Combined with the ancillary attachments it becomes a very versatile piece of equipment:-

  • Foot pads: Wide plates that clip onto the bottom of the legs allowing for the weight to be better distributed on soft ground.
  • Rail Axles: A pair of axles that are easily clipped onto the top part of the platform; the platform is then turned over, both legs then provide a means of pushing the unit. The small small cast wheels allow for very easy movement on railway lines, and the fitted brakes fix in place when required.



Folding platform
Adjustable height
LengthWidthWeightMax HeightMax Loading
Rescue Platform. 1.8 m 0.8 m 44kg 1.75m 500 kg
Foot Pads, set of 4, for base of legs. 1kg -- 500 kg
Rail axles, set of 2, for rail track use. 6kg -- 500kg


Platform  unfolded and partially extended. (Heights:- min 80cm.  max1.75mtr).


Rescue Platform with side rails



  Folded flat for transportation.


 With Rail Axles fitted, for use on Rail lines.
Easily fitted without the use of any tools, with brakeing system.

Foot pad for use on Soft ground
Clips on and off without any tools and is fully adjustable with the leg.

The Truck-Saver rescue Platform:


Widely used in Europe, as this is made up using; 4 x Stick ladders.

As with all our Platforms and ladders, we can attach addittional features and attachments as required to make the items bespoke for your requirements.
Please ask about this service.

 All our Platforms and Rescue towers are manufacturerd by our Austrian partners.  




Hoby-Mat Mobile tower.








Folding rescue platform.


Side rails with step guards

Platform Foot Pad.

Rail axle Brake.