European: EN-1147 ladders.

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 European Fire Service ladders.

Built to: EN-1147 & ONORM 
Available in a variety of designs and formats for the
 European Fire Services.

Note:-  This range is not compatible with UK designed storage systems.


  • Large profile. Rope operated, with or without Jack-beam & handling poles.
  • Small profile. Push up with manual pawls.
  • Stick Ladders. Connect-able + other attachments.
  • Hook Ladders. Straight & Curved hook.
  • Multi Purpose ladders. Folding push up with fittings.
  • Rotating Long Ladders, Type 66:Trailer or truck mounted:- 9mtr to 24mtr.

    The European "EN" range is very similarly shaped to the BSEN profile.


Large Profile Ladders:- EN-1147 & ONORM F4047 
3 Person Rescue, Rope operates
Ext. LengthPart No
Triple Extension; Jack beam & Handling poles. 14 m FG-719
Triple Extension; "Detachable" Jack beam & Handling poles. 12 m FG-717
Double Extension. 10 m FG-619
Double Extension. 9 m FG-617
Double Extension. 8 m FG-615

Hook Ladders 

Hook Ladders:-  EN-1147 & ONORM F4047 
1 Person Rescue. Choice of hook designs (straight or curved)
Ext. LengthPart No
Hook ladder, single section with curved hook. 4.2 m FG-110
Hook ladder, single section with curved hook. 4.86 m FG-115
Hook ladder, single section with streight hook. 4.4 m FEG-110 

  Hook options.

Type A Curved.
Type B Extended.
Type C Straight



Stick ladders

Scaling / Stick Ladders:- EN-1147 & DIN 
3 Person Rescue, Secures together by locking catches.
Ext. LengthPart No
9 Rung basic ladder section. 2.66 m FE-105
7 Rung base attachment, B-part. 2.66 m FE106
2 Rung additional insertion part. 740 mm FE-107
Connecting part for top: A frame / Step ladder. -- F-104
4 piece set, of scaling ladders; (1 bottom & 3 uppers). 8.4 m FG-101

Multi Purpose ladder.Can be used as:

  • Steps.
  • Straight.
  • Folding
Long Ladders: Trailer or Vehicle mounted.
picture1-r.jpg picture3-r.jpg

Long ladders are available either mounted onto a Trailer or LGV.

In length's 9mtr to 24mtr.


For the full list and details of available ladders, please contact.

All ladders are manufactured by our Austrian partners.



 Large profile.


 Hook Ladders.

Stick Ladders.
Long Ladder