BA & Emergency Equipment

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Breathing Aperatious Sets & Emergency Equipment.

We are very proud to be able to anounce that we can offer our clients the new:- MSA  M1 SCBA sets.

Also a complete total care package for the new sets and associated equipment including:-

  • Sales of Complete sets: regardless of numbers required.

  • Spare parts & Impress stock availablity.

  • Maintenance, Serviceing & Testing.  (Done at your location).


The number of advantages of this new BA set compared to existing BA Sets is almost too long to list, One of the key features is that it has been developed in partneship with Operational Crews and MSA design experts, who together have created a set that is without doubt the most comfortable to wear and use, whilst in its Basic configuration has more advantages than its competitors.

Then with any or all of the upgraded attachments for; Telemetery, Communications Buddy systems, and Upgaddes. It offers things that others manufacturers are still only dreaming about.

The Set is completely modular so can be upgraded and altererd very easily, which then allows for an almost unlimited life. Whilst also haveing a "10 Year" Warranty, which is virtulaly as long as the whloe life on some sets.

For full details please contact us.

BA Boards, Made to specific Customer designs. wiith and format as required to conform to any BA Cylinder size.

Special Ba Board

BA Tally

BA tallies made in any Colour and format, also woring tallies.

Below is a small selection.

BA & Respirators
baset-r.jpg elsabaset1-r1.jpg  bacylinder1-r.jpg
 BA Sets.  Emergency escape sets.  BA Cylinders.
bacontrolboard-r.jpg batally1-r.jpg bacylcover-r.jpg
 BA Boards  BA Tallies.  Cyl covers
 guideline1-r.jpg  personalline1-r.jpg  tabard-r.jpg
 BA Guide Line & Bag.  BA Personnel Line & Pouch.  Tabard & Log book.
 guidelinebag-r.jpg  pouch-r.jpg  logbook1-r.jpg
Respirators: Powered, Full & Half face.
powererdresp21-r.jpg powerresp1-r.jpg respirator31-r.jpg
respirator21-r.jpg respirator1-r1.jpg respirator4-r.jpg

BA Torch.  ATEX Approved.
atexra2-r1.jpeg fl4ra23-r1.png

Full range of Equipment and BA items from all known manufacturers.